LegStar Open Source Mainframe Integration

LegStar is a set of development tools and execution runtimes aimed at integrating legacy COBOL applications with Java and SOA technologies.

Here are some common use cases:

Transform COBOL payloads to Java, XML or JSON

LegStar generates COBOL Transformers.

At runtime, mainframe data (containing EBCDIC, COMP, etc.) is transformed to Java, XML or JSON.

The LegStar Transformers are pure Java and can be used directly in your code.

Service-enable a COBOL/CICS program

LegStar generates Mainframe Adapters for target CICS programs (Either Commarea or Container driven).

Adapters are ready to deploy in JAX-WS, JBoss ESB or Mule ESB.

Access remote services from COBOL/CICS programs

LegStar generates Mainframe Proxies for POJO, Web Services, JBoss ESB or Mule ESB services.

Proxies receive requests from COBOL/CICS programs and mediate calls to the target services.


Read the quicktour and get one of the complete products:

JCA Connector:

Direct access to LegStar modules:

Are you an IMS/DC user?

You can use LegStar COBOL Transformation capabilities of course but also Service-enable your IMS programs over Websphere MQ.

Are you a PL/I user?

LegStar has a module to convert your PL/I strutures to COBOL.